Alert the suspicious activities

Creating and managing rules to detect patterns, violations, suspicious behavior and attacks.

Notification in real time

Always connected by receiving notifications via email, SMS and SysLog, set by the tool management team.

Simplicity in investigations

Audit and transaction viewing performed at specific times, providing forensic analysis.

Detecting internal attackers

Detects and alerts on abnormal behavior and therefore suspected of any database user.

Keep the focus on what really matters
while Datta Shield protects your data

A Private Cloud solution to analyze all transactions of your databases. Simple and efficient.

Fully Responsive

Access and manage the security of your data from any device at any time.

Reports and Statistics

Detailed information about the transactions, events, connections, and rules violations.


Access Control

Using LDAP as a basis for authentication and authorization tool users.

Relevant Information

Personalized dashboards based on customers need, assisting the decision making of your security team.

Architecture and Installation

Designed to support a large volume of data, with unmatched performance and quality.


Distributed Storage

The tool is designed and developed to support a large volume of data, processing tens of millions of concurrent transactions based on a distributed and redundant storage structure. Moreover, it was designed to be horizontally scalable, depending only on the customer's needs.

The deployment of the solution is performed by network traffic collection (port mirror) or collecting logs (SysLog) directly from databases.


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