The Problem

The enormous amount of existing databases in a large company can reach hundreds or thousands. Ensure the security of these databases is not an easy task.
So it is not enough that have a solution to monitor the database transactions, you must analyse on large scale, fast and with controlled costs.
For this, we need to be smart and efficient.

DattaShield Solution

Much of the infrastructure of many companies today is completely or largely based on virtual environments, which makes it simple to expand and reducing processing capacity depending on business needs.
Using this concept, our team of engineers designed and developed DattaShield for massive parallel processing using the customer’s virtualized infrastructure or DattaShield’s own cloud.
So DattaShield fits the needs of our customers using their own inexpensive hardware and positioning itself so as a viable solution for monitoring large amounts of databases in a distributed approach.

Horizontal ScaleUp

DattaShield is using the concept of Cloud Computing to make simple the process of expansion of processing capacity, making it feasible to create a private cluster of virtual machines for the knowledge extraction from queries (SQL statements) that are sent to databases in large volume.
Thus, the scale-up process can be easily accomplished while our customers demand more monitoring of their databases.
With DattaShield the Information Security team can provide and encourage business expansion, leading security and trust for complete corporate databases.